Saturday, 6 December 2014

Make a Wish

It's been a while. I've heard that the worst part it over, and I'm sure I will look back and realise that one day. For the moment it's all very raw, and feels like a dream that I can't wake up from. I am currently in London making my way back to Canada...saying goodbye to Dad was hard. It's been so nice to spend some time with him, cry with him, and help in some minuscule way with Mum's stuff. Some parts weren't too painful, but others I just wasn't prepared for. I cannot yet look at a picture of Mum without my chest tightening, and my heart aching. I will sit down quietly once I get home and talk about the last 10 days, but for now I just have one message - please take a moment to visit Mum's Make a Wish page...Mum's Donation Page.

Mum decided that in lieu of flowers etc, that she would like people to donate to the Make a Wish Foundation so that children with terminal illnesses could have the chance to have something checked off their bucket list! This came as a result of Mum realising that she was blessed enough not to have many things on hers, and wanted to give that opportunity to others. Even if it is only $1, please donate to this very worthwhile cause. Obviously people have charities that are close to their heart for various reasons, so we do not expect anything, however if you feel you would like to help, please click on the above link (I am sounding dangerously like a salesman!).

Until tomorrow...