Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Flowers for Mum

Mum refused to allow us to promise her anything once she was gone - that way ensuring we would never feel guilty about breaking that promise at any given time. The exception was at Christmas and on her birthday - she wanted me to promise that I would use the money that I would normally spend on her, on something that I would enjoy. I told her I wouldn't promise her that as I knew I wouldn't keep it. What I would do was buy some flowers or something similar, that would remind me of her. Growing up we always had Poinsettias in the I seem to have an uncanny talent of killing them, so I highly doubt this will survive long enough to make it to Christmas, but nevertheless I bought it today in memory of Mum. It is a sparkly pot containing a giant red bauble, some beautiful greenery, and a red poinsettia. It is sitting in the middle of our dining room table for all who enter our house to see...maybe Mum can help me keep it alive once she reaches Heaven.

On a totally separate note I have finally started my first section for my assignment, AND I have managed to organize the canine unit to come in to my class next week to talk to my students. I was so chuffed when I got the call today, and I look forward to welcoming the beautiful police dog and his handler! It feels so good to still be able to achieve small things at work for the kids, even in the midst of this!

Thank you again for all the well wishes and prayers. Mum is continuing to go downhill and meet new challenges. Every time we think she has hit rock bottom, the ground moves and she hits the floor below that we never knew existed! Even if I wanted to, I could not put on here what she is going through - it is as undignified and painful as you could ever imagine, and some. NO-ONE deserves this, certainly not her. I am still holding tight to the prospect that Jesus is with her throughout this time, and despite the cries of pain in this world, she is pain free in her new world that we don't have access to. Footprints - He hasn't abandoned her, He is carrying her.