Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Message from Mum

The day Mum died, I felt nothing. By that I mean I didn't feel the presence of God or my mum, and that hurt. I expected to feel her with me, and at the very least if not her, then God...it was my greatest hour of need. This emptiness was felt all the way through until the following morning when I decided to listen to the final recording I ever had of my mum. It was recorded shortly before she died. Tears were rolling down, but I still felt very alone. At the end of the recording, music started. At first I was completely confused as I knew that there had been no music attached to the recording. I vaguely recognized the tune, but when the words begun so did the realisation that someone was communicating with me...God perhaps. Then as the song continued I realised it was Mum! I won't spoil it by telling you what the words were, I'll let you listen to it yourself...you're possibly going to need tissues...

Mum's Message

I was worried that it was just a glitch and my computer automatically plays music after listening to an audio file - yes I was second guessing the "coincidence", but then when I put the actual CD on in the car on the way to the airport, the song wasn't the first one on there...it was the second. I also have more than this one CD on my computer...I have 111 tracks on here, and this song is #42. When I got back from Spain I found the courage to listen to the recording again to see if the same thing happened - I use the word courage because if it did play again, then it wasn't Mum after all, and I was one of these people who clutch at straws believing something that isn't real. As the clip came to a finish, there was nothing but silence. That was when I smiled and knew!