Monday, 27 October 2014

Cherry Jam anyone???

Cherry Jelly 2014
As you know, I bake or cook when I need to pick myself up, or just generally feel like I am accomplishing something. I am also the world's best what do I do when I have 4 assignments due by midnight? Correct, I make copious amounts of Cherry Jam! I was super excited about this husband not so much. He has come up with a new word in our house - bombifying! That's his technical term for me basically setting a bomb off in our kitchen (an apt description for what it looks like at the end of one of my little 'projects')!

We have a cherry tree in our front garden, and starting last year I decided to make use of the cherries. My daughter loves PB&J sandwiches (Peanut butter and Jelly for the English folks) and we therefore go through a fair amount of Jelly. I wondered if homemade Cherry Jam would fly in her sandwiches, so I gave it a shot. To say it was a hit is an understatement, and as we ran out of our last pot yesterday, it was most definitely a good time to make more. I have made three times as much this year, so anyone needing Jelly knows where they can find some!

Cherry Jelly (Seedless Cherry Jam)
The end product...LOTS of jam!!!
P.S. I cleaned the kitchen up afterwards so the master couldn't complain!! ha ha