Sunday, 18 January 2015

I'm still here...

I've been keeping busy with my family, cards, and work, but I still cry regularly for Mum. I miss her so much, I wish she was here to do this alongside me.

Things are still progressing with the cards...I've made quite a few custom cards over the last couple of weeks, and I've been investing in various different''s been a fun challenge. My application to a Farmers' Market here was recently accepted so I am exceptionally nervous about my first day there on Wednesday - those of you who are the praying type...please pray it goes well!!! I have been building (yes you read that correctly) stands for my cards and will post photos once they are finished. Nothing fancy, just basic and practical! It's fantastic when you can make your own stuff and not have to pay exorbitant shipping fees for someone else's product.

My back is under the watchful care of my lovely chiropractor now...I see him twice a week and although it's painful when he's working on it, I think I am starting to see some changes for the better. I did however have another "whoops" moment! I am now officially a member of THAT club...

Treadmill 1 - 0 Nic

Yup, I fell off the treadmill, leaving half of the skin from my knee on the belt! Not entirely sure where my head was at the time, but clearly not where it should have been! hah! So now I'm nursing my knee as well as my back. I'm sure I never used to be this clumsy!

Finally, I swapped therapists and start seeing my new one tomorrow. The lady I used to see moved further away so after much thought, I swapped over to the guy my psychiatrist wants me to see...hopefully this will be an easy and smooth transition.

Right off to get more odd jobs done, but my next post should hold lots of photos of the market, my stand, and my work. Thanks for reading!