Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Another milestone...

February 4th - Mum's birthday! I am dreading tomorrow, partly for me, and partly for Dad. We both sailed through their 41st wedding anniversary without remembering until the close of the day, but this one has been sitting like a lump in our throats for a little while now.

I just saw a blog post by Barbara Gray that once again reduced me to tears. I've been struggling more recently than before. I watched the video of Mum, and it was lovely, but painful. I could hear the strain in her voice and the effects of the morphine which made her mouth so very dry (I found that out firsthand when I was on it for my shoulder!). It was probably made worse by the fact that I feel very alone right now - my wonderfully supportive husband is the other side of the world for a business meeting! Great timing huh?! ;)

My solution? I am running around like a headless chicken tomorrow! I have work, followed by counselling, then school pick up, before I head off to the Farmers' Market for the night to sell cards! I have the option of sending the kids for a sleepover, but I think I need to keep them close to me! I'll let you know how the market goes...hopefully it won't be a flop!!

As for my shoulder - that's healed completely, but remember my back issue that arose? Well let's just say I haven't managed to put it behind me yet!!! (Sorry I couldn't resist - laugh or cry situation!) Anyway, I was sent for x-rays today so hopefully they will yield some answers!?! In the meantime I'm great, as long as I don't turn around!!!